30 unbelievable facts about the universe in three minutes – Truthloader Investigates

The Universe is big. Really big. It also happens to be full of amazing things, so we thought we’d put together a snap guide to the place we call home, with 30 incredible facts in just three minutes. Everything from exoplanets to galaxies to black holes and the moon landing, condensed into one tiny package. Enjoy!

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30 thoughts on “30 unbelievable facts about the universe in three minutes – Truthloader Investigates

  1. "It all started from a big bang, by tracing time back to a point in the past is a misconception, because centre is everywhere forming the total amplitude of sinusoidal waves at each and every point of space.. .  .This zero point field gives us a starting point or concept of zero!
    Space is a division of solidity into entropy C2 the second law of thermodynamics.. .  .But also E2= a multiplication of volume at the expense of gravitational potential.. .  .
    Time is inverse multiplying +4-0-4+- dividing like frequency and wavelength.. .  .
    Time is shorter at one's feet than at their head because of the geometry basically the greater the energy compression contracting spacetime=0 now the shorter the expanding wavelengths.. .  .The amount of radiation compression of the wave amplitude reaching 1 meter then it will be one-fourth as much at 2 meters.. .  .

    And Since Dirac's discovery of antimatter the conversion is a ratio between opposite vectors.. .   .And therefore the traditional assumption where space is three dimensional, and time plays the role of a fourth dimension is inaccurate.. 
    If we would want to study the origin of the universe we would actually have to look "forward" since Cnow's time resonance vector direction is opposite to the arrow of distance from which we perceive the interference as an expanding universe.. .  .

    Everything is formed by a locational 4pi spherical inward absorption t=0 and outward emission of electromagnetic waves that's forming resonance antimatter matter annihilation forming positive and negative electric charge.. .  . and electromagnetic interference fields as time unfolds C2.. .  .From objects.. .  .

    Their is no universal time but rather time is relative only to an individual object, or observer at the centre of their own 3D ref-frames relative to their own energy or mass.. .  .And that time line can be seen in the line symmetry of the individual ref-frame."

  2. Just thought I'd let you know a black hole spins faster than light meaning light can't escape it so that's 2 things faster than light and the biggest star found is vy canis majoris

  3. Wait, so when the tv cable doest work and it shows the moving bugs no signal stuffs, it is actually the signal from the big bang ??????

  4. The most important fact of the universe is the fact that the Ultimate Truth of Life has been revealed ~It contains the Big picture of Life, the key to fulfillment~
    You do not have to be smart to know the Truth, but you do have to be rational, be honest, and know a few things that could not be known until now. (page 1 Present with religion) Learn the Truth of Life Search for TruthContest and read the Present

  5. Religion is just a fake thing which people made because they did not understand science so all of you people who have a religion stop believing in it and get real

  6. The OBSERVABLE universe you mean, and its not 46b light years across, its 92. And light years is a measure of distance, not time you dipshit. And the Bootes void isnt NOTHING, it contains a bunch of galaxies but there are so few and the void is so big they are almost impossible to see…

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