2017 Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Spot- Perryville, Missouri

The Perryville Airport in Perryville, Missouri is a prime spot to view the Total Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (if it’s clear!). MAS is planning to meet there on the morning of August 21. Jeremy Veldman shows video of the spot from his visit there on June 19, 2017. All the resources will be provided- food, water, bathrooms, cooling station, solar eclipse glasses, etc. In addition to MAS, Adler Planetarium in Chicago will be there, Citizen Cate, SEMO will have a group performing the Einstein Relativity Experiment, 4-6 balloons will be launched, and pilots will have the opportunity to fly in, see the eclipse, and fly out! People are on their own for transportation and lodging, but the Perryville airport offers a prime spot right on the centerline of the eclipse path and 2:40 of duration! Weather in Perryville has been clear the last 5 years on August 21.



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7 thoughts on “2017 Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Spot- Perryville, Missouri

  1. My wife & I want to join. Was planning on going to June viewing before it was cancelled. Hope to make July meeting/lecture. How much space will observers be given in Perrryville? Don't want to be greedy, but I'm mostly a photographer but also have two scopes, so I'm thinking 5-6 tripods, too much?

  2. Wow amazing spot….love it! i will be driving down from chicago with my son..what do i need to know on how to get a pass for a spot???
    Thanks ….great job on this spot guys….

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