14 Unexplained Mysteries in the Universe

These 14 very puzzling things in the universe have yet to be explained from why we have fingerprints to what are white holes?

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7. Fingerprints
Everything on the human body serves some evolutionary purpose. Fingerprints are strange, though. They only exist in humans, and they are unique to each person. Some theories have been proposed but, they have each eventually been disproved. That theory was disproven eventually just because it didn’t explain why each fingerprint was distinct and all fingerprints have a specific pattern. It was also believed that they helped us grip object but, that theory was also disproven.

6. Multiverse
The multiverse is a theory that states that there are infinite universes besides our own. Multiple universes have been proposed by virtually every field of study ever. It has even become a science fiction story trope. It is still a hotly debated topic in physics. Some scientists don’t even entertain the theory on the belief that it is more fiction that possibility. Since the ability to test and disprove a theory is a major part of science, the multiverse theory is considered to be more of a philosophical theory than a scientific one.

5. More Matter Than Antimatter
In the big bang theory, it states that the energy that existed at the beginning of the universe should exist in today’s universe too. There seems to be more matter than antimatter, though. When antimatter and matter collide they both destroy each other and if there is an equal amount of matter and antimatter in the universe then there would be no matter in the universe because it would have been destroyed a long time ago. Where did the antimatter go? There isn’t an explanation for it. Through the law of conversion, it has to be somewhere so is it on vacation?

4. Fermi Bubbles
The Fermi Bubble are a recent discovery made by a team of scientists led by . It was made by observing data captured by NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray telescope. The bubbles are two massive clouds that emit gamma-ray radiation. They are both about 25000 light years across and they sit above and below our galaxy. The main theory right now is that this is a remnant of the eruption of a supermassive black hole somewhere inside the center of our galaxy. Previous astronomers weren’t able to uncover the bubble’s because the fog that the Gamma-rays produce.

3. White Holes
White holes are another thing that should probably exist, but we haven’t found yet. White holes are the opposites of black holes. Black holes work as a vacuum, sucking in everything and exerting no energy of its own. White holes would eject light and energy but, they would not be able to be entered. The theory of relativity supports the idea of white holes but, we have yet to find one. Some fringe science supposes that white and black holes might be the key to teleportation. You enter into the black hole and exit from the white hole. Kind of like Interstellar but, with less need for LSD.

2. Tetraneutron
Tetraneutrons are a hypothetical cluster of particles that is made up of four neutrons. The problem is that no other cluster or element can exist without a proton. This hypothesis came out when Francisco-Miguel Marques and a team detected the cluster in an experiment that they were performing. There have been many attempts to recreate the results but, they have all failed. If tetraneutrons are found to exist then, it would require us to update many theories, including our current nuclear theory. The current theory does allow for tetraneutrons to exist but, only for a very, very, very short amount of time. It would be impossible for this cluster to form any stability. Anyone who has ever studied science knows that impossible doesn’t mean much, though.

1.End of the Universe
Ever since the Big Bang theory was thought up, people have been wondering how the universe will end. There are currently six theories and they all depend on a large variety of factors. There are three major ones. One of the main theories is the big freeze. It proposes that the universe will keep expanding until it’s pulled so far apart that stars will not have access to the resources that they need, causing all the heat and light to go out of the universe. The big rip is similar to the big freeze, and they are sometimes combined. The big rip says that the universe will keep expanding until it just rips itself apart. The big crunch has largely been abandoned because of the observed rate of expansion that we now have but, it states that the universe will keep expanding until it starts to contract and it just fold in on itself.



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