10 Most Amazing DISCOVERIES of 2016

Forget the election, forget all the dead celebrities, and who gives a rat’s ass about Russia tooling up for war. 2016 has been the year of some amazing discoveries which puts all this junk firmly in the shade.

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In July 2016 research published in the journal Nature provided a brand new map of the human brain, detailing 97 new regions which were identified for the very first time.

Ever since Pluto was brutally downgraded to dwarf planet status we’ve been one world short of a full solar system, which is another way of saying we’re really super special.

Cortana and Siri, your days are numbered girls; because in a paper published in October, Microsoft revealed they had made a major breakthrough in the way humans and machines converse with each other.

Paper, Tapes, Optical Discs, Hard Drives, SD Cards – all of these have been used to store human information at some point or another, but they’re all easily destructible, and none can be trusted to keep information beyond a decade.

In 2010 Ian Burkhart was paralysed in a tragic diving accident, and has spent the last six years of his life living as a quadriplegic, until physicians and neuroscientists at Ohio State University got their hands on him.

Two major discoveries about how life begins were made in June and October 2016.

Uh-oh, it’s time for climate change folks. Deniers, it’s time for your minute of safe space, so just put your fingers in your ears for about thirty more seconds if you don’t mind.

That delayed ice age prediction may have been a little hasty, because those eternal storage disc fellas at the University of Southampton have done it again.

From now on whenever Buzz Aldrin tells folks he’s been to the Moon, you can legitimately ask him “which one?” because in June NASA announced the discovery of a second major satellite orbiting the Earth.

Ever since man first clasped eyes on the distant sky, we’ve constantly sought a second Earth, mostly because we know we’re gonna break this one and we’ll need a shiny new homeworld sometime soon.



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