10 BIGGEST Mysteries of SPACE that will SCARE YOU

Top 10 Biggest Mysteries of Space that remain Unsolved and will SCARE YOU!

10) The Pillow Planet You know how your pillow gets roasting hot some nights, so you turn it over and that cool, refreshing feeling sends you gently to sleep? Well imagine that, but one side burns your face off and the other turns your head into a brain-flavoured snow-cone. Welcome to Gilese 581c. 9) The Lake of Farts
Saturn’s largest moon Titan is strangely earth-like; it has mountains , valleys, rivers, lakes, and a Nitrogen rich atmosphere. However, where Earth’s atmosphere contains Oxygen, enabling life as we know it to exist. 8) The Cloud of Deadly Deliciousness
You’re in a car and you pass a cookie factory, mmm cookie smells. You then pass a brewery, mmm beery smells. Then you see the sign that says sewage works ahead, and you lock those windows as tight as you can. But if you were travelling through the dust cloud Sagittarius B2 in the centre of our galaxy you’d have a tough choice to make. 7) Sideways Glass Rain There are two places in the world you’ll find glass flying towards your face; outside any British pub on a Friday night, and the planet HD 189733b. This planet which sounds like a serial number for a cheap plasma TV has a surface temperature of 1700 degrees Fahrenheit, and winds of more than 7000 kilometres an hour. 6) The Ghost Hand
The sheer beauty of space makes for some jaw-droppingly beautiful photography, but every now and then something shows up which slaps you round the face and leaves you needing a change of underwear. Ladies and Gentlemen. I give you, the ghost hand of Circinus. 5) The Pillars of Creation
In 1995 the Hubble Telescope took one of the most famous astronomical images ever taken, dubbed the Three Pillars of Creation. It is comprised of cool molecular hydrogen combined with dust, a cosmic mixture which is working to produce entirely new stars. 4) Magnetars There are many humongous objects in the universe we don’t yet fully understand, and one of the most fascinating is the Magnetar. Think Neutron star on steroids and you’re not even close. Neutron stars have powerful magnetic fields due to their heavily compressed cores, but a Magnetar amps this up a trillion notches, due to the fact they contain some of the densest material in the universe. 3) Dark Matter
We’ve all had that horrible feeling when you jump on the scales and it tells you you’re overweight. But then you take a look at yourself in the mirror and you think, hey I look pretty good, so where am I storing it all? Then you look behind and realise you’re carrying a whole lot of junk in your trunk. Dark Matter is basically the fat ass of the universe. 2) Wandering Black Holes
The established function of a black hole is similar to the effects of watching Jersey Shore; it is an experience which fundamentally distorts the very fabric of reality, where the laws of nature no longer apply, and existence is crushed into a singular void of nothingness. 1) The Secret Super Earth
In 2014 researchers from the United States discovered the object 2012 VP113, located in the Oort cloud, which is an extended shell of icy objects existing in the outermost reaches of our Solar System. The planet itself is pretty unremarkable in that it is likely to be a dwarf planet, nestled in with Pluto, Sedna, and other Trans-Neptunian objects.



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