050412 – Tornado Warning in Northern Buffalo County – North of Kearney Nebraska

050412 - Tornado Warning in Northern Buffalo County - North of Kearney Nebraska

May 4th, 2012 – Northern Buffalo County Nebraska US

I Seriously, wasn’t going to go out this night… Had a weeks worth of hell, and I really just wanted to do was get off work and go home. I was tired, I was cranky, it was the first weekend I’ve had off in a Month…

As soon as I pulled into the driveway @home, I could hear the weather radio going off and my storm capturing sensation came over me. Listening to the bullitins coming over the radio and I Freaked!. The storms were closer than I had thought. NWS just put warnings for Northern Buffalo County for super fast development of strong to potentially super severe, with large hail, and possible Tornadoes.

Photography Chance of a lifetime… Even though someone could cast me as a member of the Walking Dead….I was a trooper and I didn’t wimp out! Luckily I had the my camera on the charger… Grabbed all my equipment & I hauled A** North… 20 mins later I found myself in the perfect spot, under the perfect conditions!

Cresting over northern Buffalo County, ready to cross between Pleasanton & Ravenna Nebraska, this cell was rapidly building and already had tornado warning on it. Incredible CG lightning in front of the storm cell was just to good to capture, with lighting firing off every few seconds.

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amazing weather images – 050412 – Tornado Warning in Northern Buffalo County – North of Kearney Nebraska #Weather #Images


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